Saturday, October 18, 2008

Your Church Your Parish Workshop & Discussions

This past week we talked about discipleship quite a bit.

Last night while reading The Country Vicar I came across the following by David Osborne:

The aim of much of the teaching of the church is not simply that people should be able to clarify their ideas about life, the universe and God but that they should be able to live with a deeper or stronger faith. Jesus was known as a teacher but he was not a philosopher or a scientist. His concern was that people should have faith in God and live with love and these will be the aims of much church preaching and teaching. The process of learning and living with Christian faith is often referred to as discipleship: being a disciple of Jesus.
Osborne echoes much of what we have been reading in Your Church Can Thrive, by Harold Percy. It's encouraging to find essentially the same concept in a different place, and sometimes from a source one least expects.

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