Friday, October 24, 2008

Agenda for the Small Church

Agenda for the Small Church: A Handbook for Rural Ministry
By David G. Andrews, National Catholic Rural Life Conference (U.S.), National Catholic Rural Life Conference (U.S. Published by National Catholic Rural Life Conference, 1998
184 pages

This is another book with a series of questions through 18 different sections all related to ministry in the small rural church. Four essays conclude the text. This is an excellent resource for rural parishes posing questions around 18 different areas of ministry. Primarily written for American Roman Catholics, but it should have received a wide reading (it was published ten years ago). One of the strength's of this book are the two studies which are constantly referenced in the 18 different sections of the text.

The book is still listed at Natinoal Catholic Rural Life Conference Web-site. $16.00.

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