Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parish Archivists on Route to Flat Island

Parish Archivists on Route to Flat Island

Jonathan Durdle and Alicia Howse on route to Cowards Island and Flat Island to map and photograph the cemeteries on the islands.
Thanks to Everett Saunders they had a great day and a pleasant trip - though it's tough getting some pictures among the roses and bushes.

PS: if you find a cell-phone on one of the Islands please give the Rector a call.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Take my hand and Dance!

The Annual Accordion Festival in full swing.
I walked into the SUF yesterday and sat beside a young girl many thought would never walk. When I sat beside her the music started. She wanted to take my hand which I was delighted to do. She wanted me to take her other hand. which I did somewhat reluctantly. She stood up and wanted to dance to the music.
We stood - we danced - we laughed - and I cried.
Kiana danced.