Saturday, October 4, 2008

Your Church Your Parish Workshop & Discussions

This afternoon (Oct 5 - Saturday) we begin a series of workshops and discussions, as we will read Harold Percy's book Your Church Can Thrive. This is one of those unknowns that one approaches with fear and trepidation. One never knows how many will turn up to participate, and you never know the out come. One hopes, and one prays!

Well a few of us came out to listen to Dean John Watton. Rev'd John stirred us as we prepare to consider the implications of Your Church Can Thrive by Harold Percy.
I am personally looking forward to reading together this book, holding in mind what Rev'd John has pointed out to us, and discovering the implications of discipleship as we “read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest” what God has in store for us.
Thanks John, we all appreciated your presence, what you brought to our attention, and the manner in which you presented all! Thanks.

For those of us engaging in these Parish discussions we are now expected to read chapter one by Tuesday/Thursday evening. Enjoy and learn as you read!
Oct 7, Tuesday, eleven of us gathered at St Stephen's Hall, Salvage – Thursday, Oct 9, fourteen of us gathered at the Church of the Resurrection, Sandringham – to work through the implications of chapter one of Your Church Can Thrive.
Two different conversations took place, but for the most part we confined our discussion to chapter one, Thinking About Growth. Of the matters we discussed much of our discussion centred around inviting others, of giving an invitation to explore fellowship with us as a church and with God in Christ.

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