Monday, October 13, 2008

Holy Cross Choir with the Reverend Thomas Smith

This photograph, of the Holy Cross Choir with the Reverend Thomas Smith, hangs in the choir room at Eastport.

With the Rector in the photograph the following have been identified:

Norman Bull, Edna Dyke, Mildred Dyke, Alph Hancock, Gordon Hancock, Norman Handcock, Roma Laurell, Margaret LeBlanc, Bill Matchim, Ned Matchim, Betty Moss, Clara Moss, Wilbur Moss, Essie Penney, Harvey Penny, Gordon Penney, Sam Quinton, Baxter Squire, Neville Squire, Rebecca Squire, Eva Turner, Gerald Turner, Martha Turner, Nelson Turner, Rosalie Turner, Sylvia Turner, Ruby White.

This Thanksgiving we celebrate all that members of our choir, over the years, have offered freely and continue to offer in song to the glory of God.

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