Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Parish Archivists on North Island

The Parish Archivists, Alicia Howse and Jonathan Durdle, visited North Island and Flat Island yesterday, as well as a return visit to Flat Island.

From a distance they appear to be wondering through the cemetery.

But their work included clearing away various growth and photographing the headstones.

After a full day of cemetery ants, bushes galore, and thorns - off to home!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Flat Island - Cemeteries

Today our Parish Archivists are off to Flat Island to photograph the cemeteries there. Part of the work they did earlier when Everett Saunders took them to the Islands. Today Dave and Susan Moss will ferry them to the Island to complete there work there.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Children and Communion

A mother told me recently about her daughter who received her first communion from a priest. After everyone had received communion the priest consumed the bread that was left over. The little sat next to her mother crying. When asked why she was crying the little girl said: "She ate all of God's chips."

On Sunday Brooke's parents brought her to the altar rail. Her parents received communion - Brooke received a blessing. Her parents went back to where they were sitting. Brooke clung to the rail and hung on. Each time the priest and the deacon went by they gave her a blessing. Brooke clung to the rail until everyone else came to receive communion. When everyone had received Brooke when and sat with her parents — and a little child shall lead them.