Friday, January 16, 2009

St. Martin's Cathedral 50th

St. Martin's Cathedral, Gander, will celebrate their Fiftieth Anniversary 2009 May 22-24. Congratulations to our Cathedral Parish.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Re-Pitching the Tent

Re-Pitching the Tent, Richard Giles, is a great book in many ways. I have the Revised and Expanded Edition, published in 2000. The Third Edition was published in 2004.
One glaring omission of this book is that microphones and sound are not mentioned in edition published in 2000, and appear to be missing from the 2004 edition as well. If this book is further revised I hope the author includes an audio/visual chapter.
When thinking about worship space - the how and why - this is an excellent resource and worth reading as a reference. Every Archdeacon should have a copy in their office.
Every Vestry should work through, at several points, Appendix J whether they are going to "re-pitching" or not. Appendix J is entitled: A six-week crash course on the design of liturgical space.
An informative and valuable book - but it lacks completely regarding microphones, speakers, and visual presentation considerations - a must chapter for the the twenty-first century.

Preview this book at Google Books.