Friday, June 5, 2009

A Guilty Conscience and Stone Forgiveness

One of my twitter subscription is to the Biblical Archaelology Review tweet - BibArch. They share the story of one man and the stone he had for the last twelve years and the guilt he carried.

You can read the whole story at the Israel Antiquities Authority.
The Biblical Archaelology Review currently carry a summary under their News section.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Listen to these words - written by David Jenks in 1923, or before

In his own accessibility. Not now is the Shekinah glory veiled in the unapproachable mystery of the Holy of Holies; no longer is he to be sought only in one Temple; but he presents himself at the humblest altar of the poorest church, under the veils of homely bread and common wine, at the word of any priest.

These words always bring it home for me. Even in the most common and ordinary of circumstance the uncommon and holy can be there.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Devotions - In the Face of Jesus Christ

In the Face of Jesus Christ is a devotional book for the year by David Jenks, 1923. Terrific - deep - incredible - and I never heard of it before. Well it is out of print, but maybe it should not be!
The text is based on the Church Year and starts out with a Scripture verse and Jenks offers different ways for the reader to proceed in devotions while living with the text. One can simply read through all that Jenks has written, but the object of an effective devotion ought to be to engage the text within ourselves - to live with the text - and observe, and affirm, how the Spirit speaks to us through the text.
One of the strengths of Jenks devotions is that he always gives us something to "picture" in our minds as we listen to Scripture, prayer, and offer our devotions. As I write this on what Jenks knew as the "Monday in Whitsun Week" he suggests that we:
Picture: an advocate in his twofold office (see § I. b and c).
Pray: to realize the strength of grace.
Each devotion also has three divisions, which are further composed of three subdivisions (those I checked had over 600 words per day). This allows the reader to choose to read the whole devotion, or to focus on one or more of the directions provided for the reader.( The book reminds me of some of the books available for young readers in those books where the reader makes choices and proceeds to option a, b, or c.)
Thanks to Bishop Eddie for bringing it to my attention. Just waiting for my own copy to arrive in the post. While the book is out of print it is still available online at