Friday, February 29, 2008

Feb 29

Why Another Blog by a Parish Priest?

This past week I received, from Professor Gordon Handcock — who grew up in the Parish of Salvage, notes on the Quarterly of the Anglican Parish of Salvage from 1823 - 1876. These reports are the inspiration in part for this blog, and the "musings" of one Ed King. While Ed was the rector of All Saints, CBS., he keep tract of what he was about as the rector of the Parish. This was an eye opener for myself and the members of the congregation of what a rector/priest might be about in a week or month. These Quarterly Reports were submitted to the
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts
(SPGFP) by missionaries to the Mission of Salvage.

These Reports and Professor Handcocks notes will be posted in time at the Parish web-site.

Today is the last of February. It is the twenty-ninth of the month. It is the birth day of Sarah Ann, who did not get to celebrate as many of these leap years as she might liked. But she saws more than eighty winters in this part of God's creation. On the twentieth celebration of her birth I told my own children of a lady who was celebrating her twentieth birthday, and yet she was eighty.