Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 3

Today I went to see those receiving care at the JPM Hospital. After leaving the hospital I spent the rest of the afternoon visiting at Lakeside. Visiting at Lakeside today I was able to see all the residents there from the Parish, usually I miss an individual because they are off somewhere or out with a family member.

Visiting at JPM and at Lakeside we offered prayers together. It stirs your heart when tears moisten the eyes of those with whom you pray. It stirs your heart when as you pray "Our Father . . . ." voices quiver and some voices grow strong.

One individual who never says much always comes alive when we pray "Our Father . . . ." together. In those moments that individual is truly a witness to me. Easter is always a time when we recall the witness of the Gospels, the witness of the women, the witness of the Apostles', but we should also be mindful of the witness before us in others.

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