Saturday, April 12, 2008

April 13 - Easter 4

This has been more than a full day. There were two funerals this afternoon of two gentlemen of the Parish. As well were others services during this the Fourth Sunday of Easter.
Both of these gentlemen have been honest hard working individuals. One went from being a cookie working in the woods camps to being a chef at an exclusive fishing camp. He served ordinary woodsman in the camps and millionaires by the river. The other was known as strong man, and he name is more than a clue at that. After cleaning a freshly shot moose - this strong man took a quarter in each hand, and with arms extended carried two moose quarters out of the woods. Such men shall be missed, and their stories will live on.

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Dean said...

A great man and great chef he was. I had both the honor and privilege of working beside my Grandfather for 7 yrs on the Gander River. He taught me a lot about cooking, as well as other valuable life's lessons. You are missed and loved dearly my friend, and I know you are watching me from above wincing and groaning every time I overcook my steak, or your mouth watering everytime I cook it to perfection. Luv you big guy, and miss you everyday.