Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 30 - Easter 2

We celebrated the Eucharist at Holy Cross in the morning, with Bishop Eddie preaching and presiding at the table. It is wonderful to have an honorary assistant.

The afternoon was busy with preparations for the Gospel Concert at Holy Cross in aide of Daffodil Place. The concert was fairly well attended, and many voices of the peninsula sang out in delightful songs and readings. About $11,000 was raised over the weekend for Daffodil Place, which will be a blessing to so many in times of need.

Randy Street and the Committee did themselves proud. They would want to deflect some of the pride we take in their efforts, but somebody has to take on such fund raising. We would also acknowledge the efforts of all who in small ways and great made the fund raising for Daffodil Place such a success. It is "awesome"! Individuals and businesses gave. They donated items for the weekend. They gave of their time and energy. They gave all together $11,000. Amazing — amazing — and it will be amazing grace to those who find they must avail upon such generosity.

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