Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 4

Tuesdays of Lent we join in Ecumenical services between the Glovertown churches and the Eastport peninsula. Tonight the service is at Holy Cross, with the Reverend Paul Vardy preaching. We had a fine turn out and a good response from those present - everyone seem to have received something from the service.

Rev'd Paul began with this question:

If God is made know to the world through our lives, what image of God are we presenting?
He went on to share an experience he had while at college. He told the story of "Sue", a street person. She saw a Bible in the run down place she was staying, and Sue kicked the Bible. As she kicked the Bible Sue said, "God doesn't care about me."

Do we in our lives show forth a God who cares?

Much of this day was filled with preparations for the Ecumenical service, phone calls and an individual who came by for an hour - to talk.

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