Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 20 - Maundy Thursday

Today began with Eucharist at the Eastport Seniors Complex. I usually go there once a month for Eucharist. This morning I also shared Communion with one individual who was not able to join us in the common lounge where we gather.
Immediately after this I went to Gambo for the funeral of the mother of fourteen. I knew her by name growing up in Gambo, but I when to school with her daughters and sons.
Returning to the Parish I gathered horseradish and a prayer shawl for the Seder. About 70 gathered to celebrate the Passover, and be Jewish for an evening. Being Jewish for an evening comes easier to some than others, but we are learning. Some of us may yet learn to dance!

Tomorrow I plan to follow the same pattern as last year for Good Friday, that is, four services and eight meditations. Other things are prepared but the meditations are not. I have used Living Prayer throughout Lent for my own devotions, and meditations for the Parish Lenten Services.
Chapter 6, of Living Prayer, is online at Archangels Books. I encourage all to give this short chapter a read. Never know you may like it.
They offer for sale both Living Prayer and Beginning to Pray. I was excited to find that both books are still in print.

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