Friday, August 22, 2008

Proper 16 (21) - Lection Notes

Proper 16 (21)

Exodus 1:8-2:10 or Isaiah 51:1-6
Psalm 124 or Psalm 138
Romans 12:1-8, Matthew 16:13-20
Fr Paul C Thoms

For additional comments by Chris Haslam, of the Diocese of Montreal.

NOTE: The reading from Exodus is one of a series of nine readings. In the same manner as we have read since Trinity Sunday from Genesis. For those who read regular, and particular those who preach regular — this is a good time to read through Exodus (in a sitting preferable). Tis only 40 short chapters after all!

Exodus 1:8-2:10
The notion of history is always important. How quickly sometimes we forget the wishes, the beliefs, the honour, of those who go before us. Recently I had someone confess to me that they had very little problem with most of the commandments. But when it came to the commandment about honouring ones' "mother and father" they had great difficulty at time. Parents can try us at times like anything else.
1.8 A new arose who did not know Jesus. In our world today many are arising who do not know Jesus. Our young people, our grand-children are growing up and few of them will hear and know the bible stories we were taught as children. They will know nothing of Joseph, they may know nothing of God — they will know nothing of Jesus.

1.15-20 The reach of God extends beyond the Hebrews to Egyptian midwifes (even as they are under the command of Pharaoh, but yet they fear God above their Pharaoh).

2.1-10 Pharaoh's daughter adopts a Hebrew boy — Moses.

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