Monday, August 4, 2008

CyberSins and Digital Good Deeds (2007)

I received this book in the post during Lent, March 11th to be precise. I came across it at Google Books.

You can read portions of CyberSins and Digital Good Deeds @ Google Books. Both Chapters and Amazon list this recent book.

After viewing the Table of contents you will realize that this book is a series of not so connected essays on the evil and good will of the wild world of the web – at its’ best and at its’ worst – that’s the connection.

This book does have a good index and contains biographical information for those who want to pursue matters further. There are over ninety essays in this collection of 180 pages, which means that most are short. Many of the articles are about a page in length, and some less. The production editor was not afraid of using a extra tree or two as there is lots of “whitespace” which always makes for a more readable text, but there are a number of blank even pages for no apparent reason. The articles are not sub-divided into sections – they are simply presented as individual article onto themselves.

The articles entitled


$100 MIT Laptop

Projest Gutenberg

all take up less than a page. I am glad they are mentioned on the plus side of cyber-matters, but couldn’t a little more be said. Guess “good news” doesn’t sell. These are three great stories that deserve to be told.

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