Friday, August 22, 2008

The Parables

Recently I picked up Megan McKenna's book Parables: the Arrows of God. Now picking up a book like this can lead to endless reading, and sure enough it has. But it is not pointless study.
Check out Parables by McKenna at Google Books.

Parables by McKenna is a series of ten sermons based on parables of Jesus. I highly recommend this book to any who preach from the parables. McKenna is an incredible preacher, and much of that comes through in her composition of sermons.

But once you delve into a consideration of the Parables it leads to considering what other are saying about the Parables. Today there are many popular as well as scholarly writings about the Parables. My study lead me to the Parables of Jesus by Joachim Jeremias which I had on my shelf. But this then drove me to request from a local public library a copy of C H Dodd's book The Parables of the Kingdom. And as I read Dodd's argument I will be requesting other books from the library, as well as looking for some more recent texts online.

Study of the Scriptures and popular and scholarly reflections by others is a task that must be taken up by every generation. The urban as well as the rural priest, as one who attempts to speak clearly God's Word, for God's People, ought to see the task of study as an extension of the task of one's prayer of life. Such enquires will also take one back to languages once learn in our pursuit of a theology. Popular texts will restrict themselves to vernacular for the most part. Jeremias and Dodd will cause one to search for a Greek interlinear or dictionary stirring what ever Greek, Latin and maybe German one has studied. Even German texts can be acquired through a public library.

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