Monday, December 1, 2008

Celebrating Pleman - gentle and meek he was a “Christian man.”

A fellow priest said "When your first in a parish and you bury someone their your parishioners. But when you stay awhile you'll be burying your friends." Last week it was certainly a friend who was buried. But Pleman was also a "Christian man." And is how his wife describes him, she says she married a "Christian man." She is very aware of the blessing that they shared together, and their family a rejoicing in the faith of their father. We all mourn the loss of a dear friend, but we rejoice in the gentle faith of Pleman, a "Christian man."

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Wendy Eeles said...

Rev. Thoms,
Thank you for your kind words about my grandfather. Thank you also for the obvious loving kindness you have shown to my grandparents over the past few years, and to our family during the funeral process. It meant more than you can know to have my dad speak at his father's service.
Dada was certainly a gentle soul, and I am looking forward to seeing the "home" that he is building in heaven for me with Jesus - two capenters working together.

Wendy Eeles (nee Matchim)