Saturday, November 22, 2008

Celebrating Sandy without a complaint

Feelings are something you feel, they are hard to describe. Today I participated in the celebration of a young women's life. She lived some forty years and never complained at all. Most of us complain about the weather all the time. Sandy was dying and never complained. She never questioned God, or had her doubts like Saint Thomas, or if she did they were very private. Openly she was very aware and mindful of the frailty of the life she had left to live. Sandy lived life accepting the hand that was dealt her.
She gave of her strength and faith to those around her. Those who crowded into St George's, family and friends, were graciously met with all that she had prepared for those she loved. She chose the hymns. One that reminds us of the glory of resurrection - Morning Has Broken. And Jesus Loves Me which speaks to us whether we are young or ageing that we are loved at every point of our lives. Lastly she chose All things Bright and Beautiful, which is a glorious hymn of wonder and hope.
In moments like these our feelings and emotions flood to the surface and they are often expressed freely and openly. Freely and openly before the world “God so loved.”

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