Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The right to pray is no more.

The right to pray is no more.
Many of our hospitals have chaplains - most cry out to a power beyond themselves in crisis. And our Canadian Armed Forces have chaplains - so it's alright to pray in fox holes, but not where the decisions are made for our daughters and sons to go to places of harms way.
The right to pray is no more.
Before long we may not be able to pray in a place of worship for fear of offending some visitors rights to a historic facility.
Either all have the right and freedom, or all have lost the right and freedom.
When no one can pray all have lost the right of freedom.

What did those who died believe?
What do we believe who live?
One is truly free when one can enhance the rights of another, even when they do not embrace the belief of another. Then all right will be honoured and all freedoms upheld.

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