Thursday, October 22, 2009

Meditation is about our Affections towards God

For we must always remember that the meditation has not merely to do with vague truth. We meditate, in order to come to the Personal Truth, to God. As He is Love, it is only in the act of Love that we can come to Him.

Various affections ought therefore to be elicited in meditating upon the points which are given. The Holy Spirit will develop these, if we give ourselves up to His guidance. He teaches as the things of God more truly by leading us to proper affections towards God, than by giving us clear intuitions of what God is.

Constant aspirations, and devout acknowledgments uttered throughout the time of meditation, in sweet colloquy with God, are the really important part of the meditation. Sometimes, perhaps, these find their strongest utterance in the profound silence with which the soul waits upon God. God hears when wo are silent, if our silence is the silence of Love.

Fr Richard Meux Benson

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