Sunday, May 12, 2013

Introduction - Easter 7

Intro to the Readings
Acts 16:16-34PS 97Rev 22:12-14, 16-17, 20-21John 17:20-26

From Acts we listen as Paul is jailed. A woman is healed. The jailor is baptized and his whole household.
Psalm 97 declares God’s righteousness, and all the peoples see God’s glory. There is hope for the true-hearted.
From Revelation we listen to the last words of Holy Scripture. And an invitation to all is given - “Come.”
The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.”
In the Gospel the Lord Jesus prays that all may one. That all who believe may be one in God the Father.

Let us listen.
Let us receive the invitation of the Spirit and the bride.
Let us be one in Christ.
Let me tell you about Abigail. She is a wife and mother.
Abigail is woman of faith, her circumstances are now she is caring for her husband whose health is failing.
She is struggling and finding it all overcoming and draining.
Abigail longs for the time when she can go to Church.
Why would she want to go to Church?
Something most of us take fore-granted, she is unable to do.
Being in the presence of God with God’s people is what she longs for.

I am reading Fr Julian Moreton’s account of his ministry as a missioner at Greenspond from 1850 to 1860.
He tells the account of a lumber man and his family who lived at Freshwater Bay – Gambo area.
This lumber and his family every Sunday observed the Sabbath. They ceased all work. Had their Sunday meals and said the Sunday services together from one Book of Common Prayer.
The lumber also had a Bible from which they read daily.
Fr Moreton says the pages of the Bible were well worn – a testimony to there usage.

Do you long for the Lord’s house like Abigail?
Are you faithful to the Sabbath like the lumber?
Is your Bible well worn?

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