Saturday, August 25, 2012

Introduction - Proper 20 B - 2012-08-19

1 Kgs 2:10-12; 3:3-14; PS 111Eph 5:15-20John 6:51-58
Intro to the Readings
As we prepare to listen to God’s Word we have prayed with thanksgiving that God has “broken the tyranny of sin.”
Our reading from First Kings tell us of the death of King David. Of David God said, “here is a man after my own heart.” Yet sin would cause tyranny in David’s life. But the tyranny would be broken by David’s son.
Psalm 111 is a hymn, and for puzzle lovers this Psalm is an acrostic. It also echoes the Proverbs of Solomon, and Solomon is a complication for King David and Israel.
The reading from Ephesians encourages us to sing Psalms and hymns – the very thing that David did so often.
From the Gospel the Lord affirms that he is the “bread of life.” Let us receive the bread of life, and let the tyranny of sin be broken in our lives.

Introduction - Proper 21 B - 2012-08-26

1 Kgs 8:(1, 6, 10-11) 22-30, 41-43 – PS 84Eph 6:10-20John 6:56-69

Intro to the Readings
Our reading from First Kings is Solomon’s prayer as the Temple is dedicated to Yahweh who keeps the covenant and is steadfast in love to Israel – the people of God.
Psalm 84 acclaims the glory of worshipping the Lord God in the Lord’s House – with the Lord’s people in the courts of the Lord.
To the Ephesians the Apostle Paul encourages them to “put on the whole armour of God” so that they may “stand firm.”
From the Saint John’s Gospel we listen as the Lord for the fifth Sunday in a row speaks about the bread of life – the bread of his’ flesh.

Let us listen – let us worship – let us receive – in the Lord’s Holy Temple.