Sunday, September 23, 2012

Introduction - Proper 25 B - 2012-09-23

Proverbs 31:10-31PS 1James 3:13-4:3, 7-8aMark 9:30-37
As Solomon puts to paper words of wisdom for his son he writes about a “capable wife” as well. And such a wife may sound rather liberated to you.
Psalm 1 is a wisdom Psalm, but unlike two other readings for today it does not use the word wisdom directly.
Saint James writes about heavenly wisdom when there are disputes among us. Our world is in need of heavenly wisdom right now.
In the Gospel the Lord speaks about his death and resurrection. But the disciples are only interested in their position in the coming kingdom. They are jockeying for position and bullying one another – and the Lord puts a child in their midst.

Learn wisdom from the Lord – seek heavenly wisdom – but mindful when a child stands in your midst.

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