Saturday, March 24, 2012

Introduction - Lent 5 - 20120325

Jer 31:31-34PS 51:1-13 Or PS 119:9-16Heb 5:5-10John 12:20-33
Intro to the Readings
Listen as the Prophet Jeremiah speaks of a new covenant that God initiates.
The Psalm is a familiar Lenten Psalm, Psalm 51, but listen to it afresh today. Let God create a clean heart.
Psalm 119 speaks of devotion to the Lord, of one who delights in the commandments and statutes of the Lord.
From Hebrews we are reminded of the obedience of the Son of God for disobedient humankind.
As we listen to the Gospel let your desire be “to see Jesus.” To see him who is glorified by the Father.

Let us listen and find new hearts in the new covenant that is ours because One was obedient.

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