Sunday, March 4, 2012

Introduction - Lent 2 - 20120304

Gen 17:1-7, 15-16 – PS 22:22-30 – Rom 4:13-25 – Mark 8:31-38 Or Mark 9:2-9

Intro to the Readings
Reading from the book of Genesis, we hear the story of Abraham – the Father of many nations.
Psalm 22 moves from the desperate cry of the first verse to assurance for those who live in faith.
Writing to the Romans, the Apostle Paul, we listen as we are reminded of the law but know we must have faith. Faith as Abraham – the father of all – had faith.
In the Gospel Jesus taught the disciples about his suffering to come. But Peter takes him aside to tell him this can’t happen.
[The alternative Gospel reading is that of the transfiguration. Jesus on the mountain top.]

Listen, and rejoice in faith that you are a child of the “Father of All”, and a Child of God.

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