Saturday, September 3, 2011

Introduction to the Readings - Pentecost 12 - 2011 September 4

Ex 12:1-14 – PS 149Rom 13:8-14Matt 18:15-20
Intro to the Readings

From Exodus today we listen as God’s people receive directions for the First Passover.
Psalm 149 is triumphant hymn of praise.
The Apostle reminds of the the Law to love one another - “Love your neighbour as yourself.” And that, loving our brother and sister is the fulfilling of the Law.
In the Gospel from Saint Matthew, the Lord Jesus gives us directions for those times when one, a brother or sister, sins against another. Also the Lord affirms the power of two or three agreeing together in His name.

Let us live in love with our brother and sister affirming the power of the Name of the Lord.

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