Saturday, April 9, 2011

Introduction to the Readings - Lent 5 - 20110410

Ezek 37:1-14 – PS 130 – Rom 8:6-11 – John 11:1-45
Intro to the Readings
The first reading is from the Prophet Ezekiel – he prophesies to those who are as dried up bones.
Psalm 130 is a cry of the soul from the depths of a monster – the sea – to God – the only one who can save.
As we listen to the Apostle writes to the Romans, the Saint Paul speaks of those who trust in the flesh – he speaks to you who in whom dwells the Spirit of God.
From the Gospel of Saint John we listen as a message is brought to Jesus about the one whom the Lord loves – that Lazarus is ill.

Listen – listen and let the one who loves you breathe life into you.

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