Saturday, January 15, 2011

Introduction to the Readings - Proper 1 / 20110102

Isa 42:1-9 – PS 29 – Acts 10:34-43 – Matt 3:13-17
Intro to the Readings
Isaiah prophesies about the Messiah – prophesies become clear after they have been fulfilled. Listen to the fulfilling of Isaiah’s prophesy.
Psalm 29 is a vigorous and powerful hymn of praise to God. The voice of the Lord is a powerful voice. The God of glory thunders.
In Acts Peter declares that the Messiah has been made known to the world. The one who is to judge the living and the dead.
St Matthew 3:13-17
Fourthly today we listen to Saint Matthew’s account of the Lord’s baptism.

Let us listen to the testimony of Scripture – the prophesies of the Messiah – and the glorious voice of the Lord of Glory!

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