Sunday, September 19, 2010

Introduction to the Readings - Proper 25 / Sept 18 - 24

Jer 8:18-9:1 – Psa 79:1-9 – 1 Tim 2:1-7 – Lk 16:1-13
Intro to the Readings

The first reading is more like a Psalm – Jeremiah asks is there no balm in Gilead. Is there no God?
Psalm 79 is a communal cry for salvation – for God to save the people.
The Apostle urges us to pray for all people, for those in authority, and to live quiet and peaceful lives.
In the Gospel the Lord tells a parable about a shrewd deceitful manager who made friends.

Let us cry out to God
As individuals, as a community let us receive the salvation of our God.
Let us pray for all people, especially those in authority.
As we live peacefully let us befriend those around us.

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