Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Introduction to the Readings - Proper 12 / June 19 - 25

1 Kgs 19:1-4 (5-7), 8-15a – Psa 42 and 43 – Gal 3:23-29 – Lk 8:26-39
Intro to the Readings
From I Kings we listen as Elijah, after Yahweh answered his pray for fire upon the altar – maybe you remember the story of two bulls being sacrificed in I Kings 18 – Elijah is now fearful of Jezebel, and he hides under a broom tree.
Psalm 42 and 43 are really one Psalm expressing lament. Listen and you will hear a common refrain three times in all.
To the Galatians the Apostle writes that in Christ they are heirs of the promise of God. They are no longer under the law, but by faith they are to live as one in Christ Jesus.
In the Gospel we hear the story of a man who was possessed by a Legion of demons. He is brought to wholeness. The demons enter a herd of swine, and the people are filled with fear.

Hear the words the Apostle writes to you – that you are to live as one in Christ Jesus.
As you receive the Gospel – receive the freedom from fear and the freedom of Christ that sets you free.

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